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The God Delusion

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins this book
is just a collection of some evidences about the creation myth and religions
i guess they r separate articles and somehow scientific since he s by himself a scientist
i admit i didn't understand the whole scientific theories in there but i got the main concept somehow
Dawkins didn't assure 100% that religions are illusions but he said there is a small percentage that religions probably have some truth in it
most of the book he don't criticize a particular religion but he almost talk about the 3 Ibrahimian religions

on general the book is a little bit scattered and it could be more focused then that specially if he eliminate these conversations parts with others : scientists or journalist , ....

But i enjoyed it after finishing it , it made me feel stronger and i felt that idea of im not alone in this
and that sense of belonging :: not 2 a higher invisible power or 2 a country or a person but its 2 the abstract idea of self-belonging and mind respect >> o belong 2 humanity and nature and most of all i belong 2 myself

thank u Dawkins